Unseen Photographs of Hollywood Celebrities

Unseen Photographs of Hollywood Celebrities » In a selection of photos, how the celebrities looked in their young years, when they were just starting their way to success. Some of them were already known at that time, and others came to fame later.

17 Unseen Photographs of Celebrities

Jackie Chan, 23 years old

Jackie Chan, 23 years old

Nicolas Cage, 24 years old


Jodie Foster, 19 years old

Jodie Foster, 19 years old

Tom Cruise, 22 years old

Tom Cruise, 22 years old

Mickey Rourke, 27 years old


Louise Ciccone (Madonna), 23 years old

Louise Ciccone (Madonna), 23 years old

Kate Winslet, 21 years old

Kate Winslet, 21 years old

Judy Dench, 28 years old

Judy Dench, 28 years old

Adam Sandler, 20 years old

Adam Sandler, 20 years old

Mark Wahlberg, 21 years old

Mark Wahlberg, 21 years old

Rachel Weiss, 23 years old

Rachel Weiss, 23 years old

Sylvester Stallone, 24 years old

Sylvester Stallone, 24 years old

Drew Barrymore, 19 years old

Drew Barrymore, 19 years old

Sandra Bullock, 24 years old


Julia Roberts, 23 years old

Julia Roberts, 23 years old

Jennifer Lopez, 21 years old

Jennifer Lopez, 21 years old

Tiffany Thiessen, 19 years old

Tiffany Thiessen, 19 years old

Source – Europravda.net

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