Residential house inside a Billboard

Residential house inside a Billboard » An interesting project of houses appeared in Slovakia. The team of architects wants to equip the living quarters … inside the billboards.

It looks like a small cube, hung on all sides with advertisements. Inside is a two-room apartment, where there is everything you need for a comfortable life. Even the bathroom.

Residential house inside a Billboard, in Slovakia

True such a house, exists so far in a single copy.




But the company Apostrophy from Thailand has already built several samples of the house-billboard. Billboard House is a special superstructure on a truck (in the future such houses are proposed to be built permanently). On one side of the shield is an advertisement.


Along it, inside the structure are a kitchen, home theater, shower and toilet. On the other hand, a wall that lets in sunlight. Along it there are a dining room and a bedroom.


This “advertising house” is designed, first of all, for very young people who are just starting an adult life and can not yet pay large amounts for renting a house. Rent will be reduced due to advertising fees.

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