Ia Ostergren | The longest-legged model of the world

Ia Ostergren is crazy about the unique beauty of her body. With a height of 178 centimeters, her legs are 108 centimeters long. It has always been high, but not always sporty. In childhood, Ia Ostergren was a bony child with a pronounced disproportion of the body. Her legs were too long and thin.

Ia Ostergren | The longest-legged model of the world

To achieve her ideal, the girl had to work hard. In 2013, the bodybuilder married the Swedish bodybuilding champion Torbjørn Ostergren and gave birth to two daughters. Being pregnant, she led a healthy lifestyle and quickly came into shape after delivery.

It was her husband who inspired Eeyu to go to the gym, he became her first and best teacher in working on herself.

Ilia’s waist has not changed in size. But due to the fact that the buttocks, the muscularity of the legs and the shoulder girdle increased, it began to look more refined. Exercises made the body Ostergren proportional and feminine.

Now Oia Ostergren is one of the most highly paid and well-known fitness models and bodybuilders in Sweden. Thorbjorn himself envies himself.

To understand how much effort the beautiful woman has put on, you can, having estimated her photos, made before she took up her body. Photographed and exhibited in Instagram pictures of his transformation, it began as early as 2014.












  • The girl conquers the network with her incredibly long legs

  • The longest-legged model of the world laid out new spectacular photos

  • The model from Sweden earns millions with its feet.

Source - The Sun


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