3 Things that should to be urgently removed from home

Have you ever wondered why some people are happy and successful, while others are haunted by misfortunes and failures? Some explain this by a usual coincidence, others complain about fate, saying that fate is predestinated to us, and it can not be changed. And only wise Chinese with incredible tenacity prove that it’s all about the energy that surrounds us.

3 Things that should to be urgently removed from home » Surrounding himself with aggressive and destructive energy “sha chi”, a person attracts negative energy, which only complicates life, creates problems and can cause misfortunes and misfortunes. No less dangerous is the stagnant energy of “si”, which causes apathy in a person, indifference to life and to surrounding people. Fill the house with things with such energy you can lose the incentive to live and stop developing as a person. On the contrary, the positive energy of “Shenqi” brings to the house peace and energy of life, joy and the desire to create.

In order to gain health, happiness and vitality, first of all, it is necessary to rid your house of negative and stagnant energy. Having conducted an audit in his own house, it is important to save him from three things: a bat and cracked utensils, old things and artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers

Artificial Flowers

Sometimes in the house you can see a bouquet of artificial flowers, which people like to decorate the room. Few people at the same time remember that the eastern philosophy of feng shui categorically prohibits keeping such flowers in the house. They like a magnet attract negative energy. It is not for nothing that people say that living flowers are for the living, and the dead for the dead. Artificial flowers are dead, and therefore such a symbol of the house represents a serious danger for everyone who lives in it. By the way, even a living aloe flower spreads negative energy around the house. It should not be kept in the living room, in the bedroom or in the kitchen, it is better to put such a flower on the balcony. [Photo: Source]

Cracked Cookware

Cracked Cookware

Photo: Source

Almost everyone in the house has a cup or a plate with a chunk or a crack, which, in principle, can still fulfill its function. And utensils with such a defect is often not thrown out because of frugality or because they are very used to it. Meanwhile, according to the Chinese philosophy of feng shui, it is in the cracks that negative energy accumulates, which, of course, will affect later life. From such utensils should be quickly disposed of, so as not to expose yourself to danger! Remember, the dishes are a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the house, which means that cracks in it are cracks in the fate of its owner. Keep at home only a whole, beautiful dishes that will fill your home with joy and positive energy!

Old shoes and clothes

Old Footware and Clothes

Photo: Source

In each house there must be at least a pair of old, thin shoes, a worn sweater, a shirt without a pair of buttons or an old worn coat. Many people store such things, mentally justifying themselves, that in the future it is possible to still wear here or another old thing. But, as a rule, the old thing remains dusty on the shelf, spreading around the house a negative, stagnant aura that interferes with finding a goal in life, which inclines people to apathy and inaction. With such a situation it is impossible to be reconciled, and therefore the old shoes and things must be immediately removed from the house – put on rags or simply put on the trash. It is possible that a girl who, according to Feng Shui, will make an audit of her own wardrobe, will meet a long-awaited lover in the near future and get married, or a person who throws out old things will find promising work tomorrow.

Edited : Gudsol


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