The most feminine haircuts of 2018: For the sake of such beauty it’s not a shame to say goodbye to long hair

Behind the beautiful appearance of women lies a lot of nuances and daily painstaking care for themselves. Many men do not even imagine how much time and effort exquisite ladies spend to maintain their ideal image. Properly selected clothes, makeup, manicure and, of course, the hair, for which you need the eye and the eye …

Those beauties who decided this year to replace the image, our editorial team offers a selection of the most  fashionable haircuts in 2018.

Beautiful women’s haircuts

The most feminine haircuts of 2018: for the sake of such beauty it's not a shame to say goodbye to long hair

Haircuts for short hair

To look feminine, it is not necessary to have long hair to the waist. After a short haircut, too, allows the ladies to be attractive. One of the most trendy haircuts in 2018 was everyone’s favorite pixie and romantic bean. Pixie has several variations of performance, but at the peak of fashion, now a haircut with a bang.


Lovers of extravagant hairstyles should pay attention to the beautiful variations of haircut beans with shaving. Shaved whiskey, nape and elegant drawings created by scissors, look very stylish in combination with this hairdo.


Haircuts for medium length hair

The most popular hair cuts of medium length this year are lob-bob, shag, quads and asymmetric beans. Let us consider in more detail each of them. Shearing the shag has won the hearts of many women of fashion because it is ideal for fine hair, giving the hair a light volume and creating a natural mess.

The elongated bean looks very elegant on medium length hair. Not without reason this haircut is considered one of the most feminine. Asymmetric bean is another kind of lady’s haircut. Elongated front strands on one side make it a bit bold.

Haircut quads for several years now remains one of the most popular among women. This year it is very stylish to wear a square with a bang or small graduation.


Haircuts for long hair

Fashion advises owners of long hair to adhere to the classics: the oval of a person’s haircuts like stairs and cascade. Also this year at the peak of popularity haircuts with an elongated bangs. And from an asymmetrical bang it is better to refuse, giving preference dense and equal.



And what do you dream about? Be sure to tell us about it in the comments!

Source - Takprosto / Edited: Gudsol

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