Nail Shape: Telling about your personality

How do you file your nails? Do you like them oval, pointy or do you prefer round? You make this decision frequently — unconsciously, a part of your routine — but it reveals more about yourself than you might have thought.

The shape of your nails can tell other people a lot about the sort of person you are. Find out how creative, honest, determined, harmony-loving or even extroverted you really are.

Nail shape: This can tell you a lot about your personality

1. Pointed, triangular nails


You are not afraid of this sexy nail shape. This shows that you are a very passionate and confident person, who isn’t afraid of change. In fact, you’re the complete opposite. You get bored very quickly, so you’re always looking for thrills and new challenges. Furthermore, you’re very driven and you don’t get discouraged by setbacks. You pursue your goals until you have achieved them. With your pointed nails, you make it clear that nothing gets in your way and you’ll use those “claws” to grab what you want.

2. Oval nails


Your nail shape is practical, but also feminine, so that they go with every look. You’re an extroverted person, who finds it easy to make new acquaintances and forge friendships. When you enter the room, you radiate good feelings and positive energy. You avoid trouble and arguments whenever possible, because you’re a very peace-loving person.

3. Square nails


This nail shape makes your hands appear larger. This underlines your strong character, because once you’ve put your mind to something, nothing can make you change course. On top of this, you stick to your guns, even when you don’t get much support from those around you. Due to your very direct manner, you sometimes face incomprehension from more sensitive souls. However, in most cases, it’s better to tell it like it is than to beat around the bush.

4. Slanted nails


From the shape of your nails, people can tell straightaway that you don’t set much store by normalcy. Not only do they attract attention, but they also show your creativity. In addition, you enjoy exploring new paths, instead of just following the same old routes. In a group, you are always the leader and often stand out as a result of your cheeky nature. But your companions know that you never mean any harm. They appreciate you for your passionate commitment to achieving the common goal.

5. Round nails


You love harmony and romance, which is reflected in the round shape of your nails. You greatest wish in life is to find your dream partner. You definitely need your relationships to be affectionate. Arguments and other disagreements should have no place there. This elegant, but simultaneously practical look, also makes your nails extremely good at weathering everyday wear and tear.

Isn’t it astonishing how well your nail shape fits your personality? In general, it can be worth filing your nails into a different shape. Maybe just by doing that you’ll start to feel a little different. Try it out and see!

Source : Wunderweib / Edited: Gudsol

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