These Sleeping position say about your personality

The state of sleep is unique from the point of view of psychology, that a person is immersed in the unconscious, the natural beginning, where his thoughts, habits and habits are not in power. Only naked nature, a true personality with all its features, which is arranged in the bed as it is most convenient.Accordingly, believes Gudsol , watching a sleeping person can reveal the secret – and what is hidden in his soul?

These Seeping position say about your personality

These Seeping position say about your personality

Pose of the embryo


Rigid outside, but vulnerable inside. Such people are very piercing feel love, resentment, happiness and betrayal, they understand that they can become very vulnerable if they reveal themselves completely. And therefore instinctively seek to hide the vulnerable inside, curl like a hedgehog, thorns out. They have a lot of strength that helps overcome difficulties, but one missed strike can be fatal.

Straight on the back


It looks boring, ordinary, but the paradox is that this person becomes the soul of the company more often than others. They easily find a common language, gather around themselves an interesting circle of like-minded people, communicate in social networks. Typically, these people have a minimum of secrets, they are like an open book for others.

The “starfish” position


The legs are spread apart, the arms are spread out, the body seems to be trying to cover as much space as possible. True cosmopolitans, altruists and noble creatures, such people without a shadow of embarrassment and give way, and share the latter. They are often carefree and free, like birds in flight, hence this position in a dream.

Posture of an astrologer


Hands under the head, the body is relaxed, the gaze is directed upwards, into the imaginary starry sky, and the thoughts are far, far away. So sleep creators, sages and philosophers, all those who prefer to think about great and significant things, rather than think about shopping and semolina for breakfast. And this means that it’s interesting with them, but it’s not easy to interact.

Sleep on the side


A purposeful person, often with a heightened sense of justice, and therefore honest and reliable. They are ready to firmly defend what they believe in, rarely make compromises, can be selfish. But at the same time, those who have become part of their lives are very appreciated and loved.

Sleep on the belly


If a person in a dream hides a soft belly from below, and hands it under the pillow, he has something to hide. This is due not to an unclean conscience, but to the habit of doing business – for sure he is working as a manager or adviser. A skilled diplomat, intriguer, manipulator, or an impartial judge who is not accustomed to disclose his thoughts to others, but speaks only of the case.

The Royal Pose


The difference with the posture of the astrologer is that here the body is positioned as if its owner is completely deprived of the desire to work. What for? He is the king, the ruler of the world, who is not afraid of anything and can lie in bed so easily and openly while others are busy with business. Ambitious personalities who dream of the best and often believe themselves to be idealists.

Hugging pillow

Hugging pillow-08

Such people do not want to part with what is dear to them, they do not just embrace, but surround with their authoritarian care everything that is really important in their life. Including close people or the work of your dreams. But sometimes such care becomes prohibitive and intrusive.

And in what position do you sleep?

Source: Edited: Gudsol

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