272 ways to convey the emotions in these 17 photos

The most successful photos are those that convey real and sincere emotions. To make you feel more comfortable in front of a camera, we invites you to observe the works of the American photographer Yu Tsai in which some celebrities gladly taught how to express different emotions. « 272 ways to convey the emotions in these 17 photos »

Anne Hathaway

272 Ways To Convey The Emotions In These 17 photos

Sometimes a look says more than a thousand words.

Mila Kunis


Be yourself and do not be afraid to look ridiculous.

Chloë Grace Moretz

03-Chloë_Grace Moretz

A master transformation: from an elegant lady to a joke Superman.

Jessica Chastain


Do not be afraid to give free rein to your emotions.

Keira Knightley


The secret of getting good photographs is sincerity and no falsehood.

Kristen Stewart


Who said that Kristen did not know how to express emotions? It makes me that we can learn something from her.

Lea Michele


Pay attention to your arms, the curves should be soft and natural.

Christina Applegate


Christine prefers to be photographed on the left side. Apparently, that part of his face is the one that “works” better, the photos from that angle come out better. Try to find your perfect angle.

Janet Jackson


Usually, the singer appears before the cameras as a diva but actually knows how to demonstrate the full range of emotions.

Nina Dobrev


If you try to think of an emotional event and “play it” in front of the camera, you can get some very natural and full of life photos.

Evan Rachel Wood

11-Evan_Rachel Wood

17 shades of sadness is what you want to express in a photo shoot in the fall.

Diane Kruger


Why not create a serious and a funny image within the same photo shoot? Here Kruger showed you that it is possible. A good lesson for everyone.

Christina Ricci


Emotions are transmitted not only with gestures, but also with facial expressions. Try to immerse yourself in the memories and you will receive some simple but sensual photographs.

Zoe Saldana


How to maintain a silent aspect or how to make a clown? The Avatar star  is ready to show you both.

Minka Kelly


Relax, feel your body, move a little, so it will be much easier to take a comfortable and beautiful posture.

Kelly Brook


Do not be afraid to enter the playful mood, everything will be great.



The fun positions help you relax so that the photos look more natural.

Source: Yutsai


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