15 Moment when the photos wanted to deceive us

Is that true? Or all these are photo manipulation, There is a section on the site reddit where users publish photos on which because of the various circumstances of shooting and the luck of the photographer but these pics are seem something interesting and our eyes will be ripped off. Let see these 15 Moment when the photos wanted to deceive us.

01. “How so?” – Asked a cat


The view from the top floor to the bottom, where the window on the ceiling is installed – just something!

02. How is it?

15 Moment when the photos wanted to deceive us

This is a view of Chicago, reflected in Lake Michigan.

03. How is it?


The girl reached into her back pocket, and the man’s hand simply merged visually with her hand.

04. How is it?


This building is not at all two-dimensional, it is simply constructed so that at a certain angle it looks like a sheet of paper


05. How is it?


The stone is not flying, it’s in the river.

06. How is it?


It’s a paid fare in Seoul. The road diverges, and then again converges.

07. How is it?


It’s such a floor. View from above.

08. How is it?


Everything is simpler here. It’s a magazine and it’s a face.

09. How is it?


A boy of ordinary child size sits on a table. And not a giant on the kitchen floor.

10. How is it?


These are mountains reflected in the lake.

11. How is it?


A man is far in the background, not on his shoulder. And the floor under it merges with the jacket of the man in the foreground.

12. How is it?


A typical perspective magic.

13. How is it?


No, this is not a flying tree, just its trunk merges with the window.

14. Oh!!! What is this?


Above the car is a bridge along which the truck carries the whole house on a huge trailer.

15. How is it?


It’s not at home at an angle, it’s a hill and a cunning angle of shooting.

source: www.reddit.com

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