A Phone Booth Size Police Station In London

Lilliput police station, You can find it on the southeastern corner of Tralfagar Square, London, and it is considered the smallest in Britain and perhaps all over the world.

Despite its peculiarity, the station is not a popular tourist destination in the British capital. Those passing by standing in front of him look at the small neoclassical building trying to guess what it is.

London's Lilliputian Police Station

It was built in 1926 in order to be the “eye” of the Police in the huge Trafalgar Square, which is the site of all forms of demonstrations.

Inside, there was space for only one person and two detainees, in the event of episodes and the need for police intervention.


At its edge, the station also had a direct telephone line to Scotland Yard, as well as recesses on the walls to hide the police officer in the event of an attack on the building.
Today, the cabin-station is not used by the Police, but it is more useful. It is a warehouse for the brooms and mops that the cleaning staff of the square buildings need.


Source: Atlas Obscura Gudsol Editor

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