Dog Size Cow

In times of thin and fat cows, the era of small cows is also coming! Dustin Pillard who has been breeding the  miniature cows at his farm in Iowa, USA. His activity has become reportage in newspapers and television since he began breeding small cattle in 1995. However, today’s small cows are the smallest ever.

Iowa Farmer Is Selling Micro-Cows the Size of Large Dogs as Pets

Plunder, a father of three children, grew up in a city, but spent great lengths of time on his grandfather’s farm. In 1992, while studying at college, he attended a cattle auction where he first saw small cows.

He was congratulated! Three years after the incident, he became owner of a ranch some ten acres. He bought it for the sole purpose of filling it with these tiny creatures.

Through selective breeding, she breeds cows and bulls with a height of 84 centimeters and come in different colors! Pillard sells 10 to 20 animals a year, mostly to North Americans who have them in their homes as pets.

Lastly, there is a keen interest from buyers coming from Europe, Mexico and Argentina.


According to him, tiny cattle are very similar to dogs. “They have personalities like the dog. They love the delicacies and enjoy being out. They run like a dog and they like people. They are calm and social, they love attention, “he says.

Eclectic reproduction is thought to lead to health problems, as is the case with some breeds of dogs and cats, but Pillard insists his animals are perfectly healthy. The price for one calf starts at one thousand dollars.


Source: Oddity Central / Pictures Dustin Pillard / Videos Dustin Pillard / Editing Gudsol

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