The Mountain skyscrapers | Chaoyang Park Plaza in the Beijing haze

The Chaoyang Park Plaza building, built by MAD in Beijing, is inspired by the mountains of China and is set to look like a mountain range.

This particular element is also emphasized by the dark glass windows, which give another form to the complex that is in complete contrast to the square skyscrapers of the region.

The Mountain skyscrapers | Chaoyang Park Plaza in the Beijing haze

To get the right dimension in construction, the famous photographer Iwan Baan was summoned to capture the 10 rounded constructions that make up Chaoyang Park Plaza of 220,000 square meters.

Baan, who has photographed works made by the greatest names in architecture, was invited to China in the late summer of 2017.

Atmospheric conditions facilitated the inspiration of the creators of the complex, as the glass panes of the towers appeared opaque, and indeed the buildings remotely resembled a mountain range.

The complex is located at the south end of Chaoyang Park, which MAD calls “Manhattan’s Central Park” as it is the business center of the Chinese capital.

The company wanted Chaoyang Park Plaza to act as an intermediate situation between the park and the dense urban fabric, as it is essentially an extension of the park to the city.

Two skyscrapers – one reaching 120 meters – are closer to the park, while eight smaller ones are on the other side.

The two of the smallest buildings house an apartment complex called Armani, which features terraced balconies overlooking the landscape in the center of the complex, with pine, lakes and bamboo.














Source: De Zeen

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