The Giant Avocado Discovered in Hawaii

On a weekend walk, Pamela Wang, a resident of Hawaii, found a huge avocado hanging under a tree on the road, weighing 2.37 kilograms, in the size of her head, according to what she told West Hawaii Today.

The Giant Avocado Discovered in Hawaii

The Giant Avocado Discovered in Hawaii — Avocados are not of the “Hass” variety, usually sold in stores, but of a different one, called “Daily 11”. This is about three times larger than normal avocados. Avocado “Daily 11” grows in autumn and winter months. They are not marketed. Photo Pamela Wang


Photo Pamela Wang

When Wang found the giant avocados, she approached the local farmers who went to examine it and tell her what it was about. Then she uploaded photos on her Facebook account, where some friends urged her to look at the Guinness record.


Photo Pamela Wang

Wang tries to break the record of “heavier” avocados, as there is no “bigger” category. The current holder of the “heaviest” avocado is Gabriel Ramirez Namim, of Venezuela, who had discovered an avocado of 1.8kg in 2009.


Photo Pamela Wang

Source: Science Alert / Gudsol Editor

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