The First Electric Cargo Ship

The world’s first electric ship is already being used on the Pear River, in Guangdong, the capital of Guangdong province.

The ship, 2,000 tons, was manufactured by Guangzhou Shipyard International Company Ltd and uses a lithium battery. It can travel for 80 km if charged for two hours.

The First Electric Cargo Ship

Other interesting statistics of the truck are its length, reaching 70.5 meters, the battery with an energy of about 2,400 kilowatt-hours, equal to the energy of 40 new energy cars. Its highest speed is over 12.8 km / h and, of course, it is a zero emission exhaust fume. Photo Pixabay



“Since the ship is fully electric, it does not create any threat to the environment. Its technology will soon be used on passenger ships, “said Huang Jialin, president and chief executive of Hangzhou Modern Ship Design & Research Co., which designed the electric cargo ship.

However, although the ship is a precursor to major changes, it ironically transfers coal to produce electricity!

Source: China Daily / Gudsol Editor

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