The Green Lagoon

The Green Lagoon of Lanzarote is one of the most impressive places of Canary Island, standing out among its spectacular landscapes carved by fire, sea and wind.

Also called Charco Verde and Charco de Los Clicos, El Golfo, Lanzarote is created by the ocean waters , a kind of amphitheater open to the ocean that was formed in the wake of the eruptions of 1730. In reality, it is part of the crater of a volcano, as we can identify if we closed the cone.

Green Lagoon, Charco de Los Clicos, El Golfo, Lanzarote

The situation on the coast has caused the erosion of wind and sea to give it its current form. It is said that in the past it was known as “Charco de los Clicos” for edible seafood called ” clicos” very common in that place and that became extinct because someone released two turtles in the waters of the gulf.
 At the bottom of the cone, and at the foot of the cliff, a small lagoon has formed, whose waters filter from the sea. The lagoon several meters deep, has an emerald green color that varies in hue according to the color of the sky. The green color is due to the phytoplankton that lives under its surface.

Photo @ flickr


Photo @ flickr

In any case, whatever the tone and its origin, I am not surprised by the fame of this place, because the contrast between the black lava landscapes and the sea and the green of the lake is spectacular.


Photo @ flickr

In front of the green lagoon there is a peculiar black sand beach , about 300 meters long, topped on the south side by a yellow rock with a vertical platform that enters the water.


Photo @ flickr

This lagoon is a protected space, so bathing is prohibited. But do not miss some of the fabulous waters that surround Lanzarote at any other point of the island. The lagoon is close to the “Timanfaya National Park” and the “Los Volcanes Natural Park”, which contain impressive geological features.


Photo @ Wikipedia


Photo @ Wikipedia


Photo @ flickr

Source: Atlasobscura / Diariodelviajero

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