Alien Monument in the village of Molebka

The wooden statue, about two meters high, was erected at the entrance of the village of Molebka, where the inhabitants of the past have reported paranormal phenomena, but in the 80’s they began to see UFOs.

As a result, the place to place the statue was not at all accidental, since it is well known in Russia and has given it the nickname “Molebka triangle”.

Alien Monument in village of Molebka

Alien Monument in village of Molebka — The alien figure is made of pine and looks like it has just landed in the area.

The village in Perm, in the Urals, attracts tourists who, according to tradition, leave coins at the base of the statue. Others do it for others to leave to attract other extraterrestrials!

Monument to an Alien

The village became famous in 1983 when a geologist found a round footprint in the snow, as if it had landed UFOs with a diameter of 62 meters.

Since then, the “Molebka triangle” has begun to attract many fans of mystical theories and … ufologists, who “watched” from spacecraft to Bigfoot!



The wooden statue, almost two meters tall, was erected at the entrance to the village of Molebka.

However, surveys made by professional and amateur researchers have shown unusual and abnormal activity in the area, which they described as “an abnormal zone” …

Sources: Weird Russia and Mystical Russia / Gudsol Editor

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