“Bookshelf “Building in Zhejiang, China

Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province Haining Zhou Wang Miaozhen Zhijiang Road, a building recently became “Red Net” lead attention. The façade on the west side of the building is designed as an oversized Bookshelf with several “Notre Dame de Paris”, “IMHO Complete Works,” “Old Man,” “Nightclubs,” etc. Nearly 200 books, each book height of about 2 meters. But these books are not real “books”, but fake. These books are designed according to the shape of “Books.”

"Bookshelf "Building in Zhejiang, China

This 20-meter-high building also features a golf course and soccer field on the rooftop, planted with loquat, orange and camphor trees.




Photo Source: News.163


Photo source: Cqcb


Photo source: Cqcb

Also built a rectangular sink, which holds the Koi fish for people to watch.


Photo source: Cqcb


Photo source: Cqcb

The south facade of the building, planted 9 layers, more than a hundred meters in length, more than a thousand trees, the whole building looks like a “green forest”, seem extraordinary.

The original title: Zhejiang is 20 meters high net red bookshelf building roof there stadium

Source: Cqcb / CCTV / — Photo source: First & Sceond

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