Aerial View of Nikola Lenivets

Nikola-Lenivets is the largest art-park in Europe, located around a tiny village in the Kaluga region, located 200 kilometers from Moscow, Russia. In the picturesque natural landscape a collection of works of contemporary art and architecture is presented.

All art objects are specially created for this place for the last 17 years by artist Nikolai Polissky and participants of the Archstoyanie festival .


Aerial View of Nikola Lenivets — In the early 1990s, the artist Nikolai Polissky created the first architectural objects from natural materials in the village of Nikola-Lenivets.

Aerial View of Nikola Lenivets

Centered – “The Universal Mind”, the most ambitious installation ever created by Nikolai Polissky, continues his scientific series. Keeping fidelity to natural materials, Polissky offers an entirely new vision of a wooden sculptural form.





Nikola Lenivets from Heights



“Beaubourg” is a quote: a revolutionary form that exposed the skeleton of the building and its technical elements. Ventilating funnels (not hidden, but on the contrary – exhibited at the show in the center of Paris) Nikolai Polissky plaits in a 22-meter belvedere. It is important for him to show that any avant-garde and even revolutionary form for its time can find its place in a natural environment that is demanding of harmony.



The lighthouse is set on the bank of the Ugra River, which curves almost 90 degrees in this place. The artist gave new life to the deceased elms: their majestic trunks are woven into a colossal beacon tower. Polissky is very tactful and attentive to the existing landscape: Mayak’s vertical echoes with the Trinity Church towering on the hill, offering the audience repeated motives of aspiration to the sky.







Photos Source –  Da-Ck9

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