Man buries 42 school buses to build the Largest Private Nuclear Shelter in North America

Man buries 42 school buses to build the Largest Private Nuclear Shelter in North America | The fear of an imminent nuclear disaster had spread as an epidemic to the Americans during the Cold War period, and there were few who made the construction of private shelters.

One of these terrified citizens, Bruce Beach, left his job as an engineer in Chicago in the 1960s and moved to Canadian Horning’s Mills, 100 miles north of Toronto.

The Ark Two | The Largest Private Nuclear Shelter in North America

There, he believed it was safer if the US were to take a nuclear attack. In this village he met Jane’s wife, who shared the same fears, and began to make their own shelter.

On the surface, the land appears to be a typical farm property, but buried deep beneath the green fields is the largest private nuclear shelter in North America, the Ark Two.


The famous Nuclear Shelter of Bruce Beach occupies an area of ​​more than 3,000 square meters, and consists primarily of 42 old cement-covered school buses and buried 4.2 meters in the ground.

The shelter was designed to accommodate 500 people for several months and is equipped with everything you may need to survive.


From huge food supplies, private well, full plumbing, fuel generators, dental chair and even playground!
Bruce, 83, started the project in 1980 and the construction was completed in 1982. He and his wife waited for the nuclear disaster from day to day, but spent more than 30 years and fortunately did not.


Instead, he went into adventures with the state, as the shelter is not licensed to build, but also because the Canadian government is opposed to the psychology of shelters. Indeed, he has been in court more than 30 times.


But Bruce has many allies and supporters who maintain the shelter. Residents of the village and surrounding areas work voluntarily on the “Ark” on weekends, in order to secure a seat if a nuclear war begins …

Source: Oddity Central 

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