Man Found Two Orphan Kittens, Who Have Become Beautiful Little Black “Panthers”

Inky and Sue today look like two beautiful little black panthers and live happily in a loving home. If all this was possible, it was thanks to a man with a big heart who took care of them while they were orphan kittens.

Man Found Two Orphan Kittens, Who Have Become Beautiful Little Black "Panthers"

Indeed, about a year ago, while he was quietly at home, a man heard a strange sound like a chirping bird that seemed to come from below his house. At first, he did not get up to look until he heard that strange noise again the next day. Driven by curiosity, he decided to go and see where the noise might come from.

And the least we can say is that he and his roommate had a nice surprise!


The place where the noise came from was under the house and the space was too small for the man to pass. So his roommate who decided to go see. Suddenly, the man heard this one screaming: “It’s a kitten! “

It was at that moment that he felt guilty for not going to see earlier, especially since it was very cold outside. Looking under the house with the light of his smartphone, the man could see, in the middle of the dirt, an adorable little ball of black hair who still had his eyes closed. The poor little kitten screamed loudly as if calling for help.


His roommate brought the kitten back and put it in the hands of the man who immediately fell in love with the little cat. But, after a moment, another chirping sound was heard not far from there under the house.

Her roommate returned to see and, a few minutes later, she came back with another little kitten exactly the same!


After verifying that there were no other kittens, the two rescuers then took to their home the feline babies who were cold and hungry. The cat that the two roommates already possessed was fascinated by the sight of the two new arrivals.

“Faced with this situation, the idea came to me to connect on the net to see if anyone had already faced this situation,” explained the rescuer.

 It was then that he realized that the mother could have gone hunting and that the kittens would surely have a better chance of survival if they stayed with her.


“[But] we concluded that if they had a mother, she had been away for a while because of how dirty and hungry they were. “

The two rescuers went for a walk to the nearest store to buy food for feline babies. “When we came back from the store, we started warming the milk, preparing the bottles and each of us took care of feeding the little angels. “

Once the belly full, the kittens became much calmer and fell asleep stuck to each other. The new human dad was determined to save the big cats, baptized Inky and Sue, and he started caring for them 24 hours a day like their mum would have done.


“I had just lost my job, so I had a lot of free time. Instead of spending my time depressing, I now had to take care of the babies and take care of them. To see these two kittens grow day by day was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. “

Every two hours, the kittens were fed. Their eyes opened and they began to develop each their personality. Inky and Sue grew up quickly and did not sleep directly after the meal, but took the time to play and spend time together.


A year later, Inky and Sue became beautiful little panthers and they love spending time with their human dad. Every night, the two adorable cats sleep together glued to their master.


Even during the day, Inky and Sue are real little jars of glue! The two little cats never leave each other and share an incredible love.


“Many relatives told me that we are lucky to have found them and I can not imagine what would have happened if they were not. I think it’s true. I also think it was like a “blessing” to find them. “


“As bizarre as it may seem to a man my age (31), they arrived just at the right time and enriched my life. “


Here is another proof that animals are grateful and make life even more beautiful!


Source: Love Meow / InkyandSue

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