Natalia Kuznetsova, Russian female Powerlifter

Natalia Kuznetsova, Russian female Powerlifter — Natalia Kuznetsova, women aged 26 years from southeastern Siberia, Russia who is a weightlifter and managed to make a number of world records. Although last year she had announced her resignation from the weightlifting world, but yet she did not stop her physical fitness exercise. After passing the training period for 18 months, Natalia decided to return to join the weightlifting competition.

Natalia Kuznetsova, Russian female Powerlifter

Natalia started doing weightlifting since she was 14 years old. At that time she was just a little girl weighing less than 40 kg. Natalia did not expect he would be addicted to physical training until this. Now her weighs is 90 kg, her body looks very strong and sturdy. Natalia is also very popular in Russia.

“People will recognize me, because of my strong muscular body. Most of people will ask to take pictures together, even they know my name, ” Natalia said.

When she retired from the world of weights lifting, Natalia remained diligent exercise in the gym, and he applied strict rules about diet. She did not even add any seasoning or sauce to her food.

Natalia likes to share her fitness training experience on her social media account. So far she already has a number of followers as much as 216K people. Natalia acknowledged, although the lots of followers a lot, but there are also people who often give bad comments about her stout posture. However, Natalia does not really care about these evil comments from the irresponsible netizens.

Natalia prefers the focus to re-enter the competition that will take place in Moscow. For the foreseeable future, Natalia hopes she can become a trainer for young athletes to guide and also give them advice on how to keep fit and tone the physics.


Source: DailyMail – Photo First & Last

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