The Bearded Bride, Harnaam Kaur

London wedding photographer Louisa Coulthurst made a terrific series of pictures of Harnaum Kaur – Bridal with a beard.

This bearded bride defies the traditional notions of beauty.

The Bearded Bride, Harnaam Kaur

The Bearded Bride, Harnaam Kaur | 24-year-old girl destroys stereotypes about how a girl should look like, who is ready to go under the crown. To do this, she took part in a wedding photo shoot as part of a project by a popular London photographer.

Harnaam Kaur has polycystic ovary syndrome, which means, the disorder of the endocrine system, which causes serious hormonal imbalances. Because of the large number of male hormones, her hair began to grow intensively from  the age of  11.

“I treated my face with wax two or three times a week,” Kaur remembers. “In those days when I could not stand the pain, I just shaved.”

All this time the schoolgirl was constantly bullied by classmates and acquaintances. She was even beaten several times. Kaur persecuted thoughts of suicide. At the age of 16, because of her suicidal thoughts, she hid in her bedroom and did not want to go anywhere. However, gradually inside the girl, the idea to change her attitude to life and love herself as she really is ripened. Kaur decided to keep her beard to try to destroy the stereotype about how a woman should look.

“I love my beard, it has become part of my body and I do not want to delete it. Love yourself, because you are only what you have, “- says the girl.









Source: Rocknrollbride / Huffingtonpost


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