Devices of 1950s Are Still Working

Siddie and Rachel Saunders, from Exeter and both in the eighth decade of their life, use the same household appliances they bought half a century ago!

The striking is that they are still working without serious problems. In addition to the washing machine that has a “small leak”.

Devices of 1950s Are Still Working

Devices of 1950s Are Still Working — The couple bought the washer, dryer, kettle, electric stove instead of 146 pounds in 1956 and it is incredible to operate until today.

“Things were getting better in those days, they were more durable and louder,” said Saunders, a retired accountant.

“The laundry was taken when we got married – 62 years ago – and the last time it was used was 12 years ago,” his wife added.

“It’s still in full operation, just a small leak.”

The couple eventually decided to separate from his antique devices, with Woesters wanting to go to a museum or something to keep them.









Source: Design You Trust

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