The British Army helicopter Transform into Family Cottage

The British Army helicopter of the 1980s, Westland Lynx XZ676, has been converted into a four-person country cottage rental at the Ream Hills Caravan Park in Preston, central England.

British Army helicopter Transform into family cottage

The British Army helicopter Transform into Family Cottage | This particular helicopter is multi-purpose and took part in the Gulf and Kosovo wars.

Same-type helicopters were also used by Norwegian aviation, as well as by the navy of Portugal, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Its transformation, however, is impressive as it provides room for sleep and accommodation. A double bed in the queue and sofas are made for two more people.

Its interior features a living room, kitchen, mini fridge and microwave, water heater, TV and LED lighting.

However, it has an outdoor bathroom and a toilet. The helicopter also has its own terrace next to the lake of the campsite. An overnight stay costs 150 euros.




Source: The Sun

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