The Roquefort Cheese Caves

This cheese has been produced since 79 AD. Cheese is first mentioned by Pliny the Elder. For example, Karel VI also liked the cheese.

Production takes place only in the small village of Roquefort sur Soulzon, located in the middle of a high limestone plateau of Causse du Larzac in southern France. This area is the ideal place for Lacaune sheep breeding. It is from their milk that the semi-hard cheese with blue mold originates. Ripening takes place in a very humid cave environment. The air in the cave transmits the spores of Penicillium roqueforti mold, and after about six weeks the cheese begins to mold. The cheese is then pierced with needles to get the mold spores even inside the cheese.

The Roquefort Cheese Caves

Roquefort is considered one of the finest green cheeses in the world, called “king of cheese”. Photo source : fuzyboy / Flickr


Roquefort cheese. Photo source : AP

Although there are different types of cheese, only the cheeses processed in the Combalou natural caves of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon are worthy of being called Roquefort cheese.


Photo source : Manuel Huynh / Flickr

Roquefort cheese is white, fragrant, crunchy and slightly wet, with a characteristic green vein on the surface of the cheese.


Photo source : Manuel Huynh / Flickr

Species special cheese This is produced in the cave in the small village of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, located between the high Causse du Larzac limestone plateau, in southern France.


Photo source : Manuel Huynh / Flickr

Inside the damp, natural caves, where humidity is still above 90%, unpasteurized milk is being cast into Roquefort cheese, according to centuries-old methods.


Photo source :

According to legend, this type of mold cheese was first discovered when a shepherd went to get milk and rest in a cave, but by absorbing chasing a girl should have left his milk to stay. Months later, he returned to the cave and discovered that the forgotten milk had “turned” into cheese ever. Because he was so hungry, he tasted it and found that the cheese was delicious. From there, people tell each other how delicious cheese is in the cave.

Roquefort cheese is white, aromatic, crunchy and slightly damp, with a characteristic blue vein on the surface of the cheese, which is called green cheese.


Photo source :

Many people think that green cheese is a bit tastier, but once you get used to it, you will be very easy to crush by the characteristic flavor, melt in the mouth of one of the most famous cheese in France.


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  • Exquisite green cheese produced in giant caves
  • Roquefort blue cheese, with its distinctive blue molds, is produced in a cave in France, the caves of Mont Combalou, in the French town of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon

Sources: Wikipedia / AmusingplanetFrance today


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