Mirror Works Only When You Smile!

It was created on the occasion of the struggle of a relative of the designer against cancer.

The mirror has in-built camera and an opaque smart material powered by the right software. Face recognition technology captures the face and prompts the surface of the mirror to change when a smile is detected.

It can be hung on a wall or placed on a table like a regular mirror. However, its price is bumpy, as it costs $ 2,000 to $ 3,000.

This is the work of Turkish industrial designer Berk Ilhan, who has decided to focus on products that give joy after a relative’s relationship with cancer.

“She told me that in the early days after diagnosis, it was hard for her to look in the mirror,” she said.

Mirror works only when you smile

Ilhan spent several weeks in hospitals in his native country, just completed his studies in New York, chatting with cancer patients and doctors.

“I learned that moral and social support are two very important factors that can positively change a patient’s experience,” He said.

For two years he experimented with the mirror until he came to the final drawing. Laughter, even if it is forced, is linked to improving the functioning of the immune system, according to studies, while some scientists say it also contributes to longevity.

Ilhan produces the mirror in limited quantities, while his plans are a campaign to raise enough money for mass production and to reduce the price.
In spite of Ilhan’s excellent intentions, his mirror is not universally accepted, with some criticizing pretentious joy, some of his high honor, while others compare the product to the common harassment of the road that most women face when foreigners demand it their smile.


Man Invents Mirror That Says, In Effect, ‘You Should Smile’


Source: Oddity Central / WCCO Video – CBS Minnesota


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