Chinese Students Make Evening Dress With 6000 Tree Leaves

Chinese Students make evening dress with 6000 leaves | Four Chinese biotechnology students from Hefei University have demonstrated that they do not need a small fortune for an official dress.

They did it on their own, free of charge, using only sheets of trees collected from various parts of China. The team behind the unique dress – two girls and two boys – took the idea about it six months ago, trying to find an interesting project for their university’s annual “Animal and Plant Model” contest.

During this time, the girls were constantly talking about a beautiful dress, which was worn by a Chinese actress at the Cannes Film Festival. Then, one of the students proposed to make it from leaves.

Chinese Students make evening dress with 6000 leaves

They informed their professor and began to look for the appropriate sheets, which would be the fabric for the dress. To ensure that the leaves were not broken, the students removed their flesh, boiling them in a solution of alkali and sodium carbonate for about two hours. This made it easier to peel them, leaving only the skeleton, a thin section that left all the intricate veins of the leaves intact.

The four students could work for the special dress only after the lessons and weekends. That’s why it took nearly six months to complete. However, it was worth the trouble, as the result is impressive.


Source: 365jia / Odditycentral / Blog.chinadaily /

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