Carefully Planned Photo Project to Make You Look Twice

Carefully Planned Photo Project to Make You Look Twice — British photographer Denis Cherim, lives in harmony with the outside world, finding miraculous coincidences among the mundane usages. Playing with perspective, scale, and, of course, with a little bit of luck, Cherim finds various objects that almost supernaturally fit into the framework of one composition.

The bright color of the building, merging with the blue sky; silhouettes of urban objects, exactly repeating the bends and forms of adjoining things – the attention of the photographer is always focused on finding such strange, but at the same time surprising coincidences.

Coincidences Photographic Project by Denis Cherim

The Coincidence Project By Denis Will Change The Way You See The World — Photographer Denis Cherim seems to unearth miraculous coincidences and contingencies among the mundane with his exquisitely timed and positioned photos that line the world in strangely satisfying ways. Playing with perspective, scale, and certainly a bit of luck, Denis puts himself in the precise point of view, where moments of synchronous seem to come out of nowhere.

Beyond the forced perspectives created to show other realities and different points of view, Denis seems to find cultivate and spontaneous scenes that hold an analogy, juxtaposition, correspondence or an implicit authoritarianism that take us instinctively to take a second look. Look how cool.


Photographer captures perfectly timed photos that reveal the magic of the everyday sights, Carefully planned photos to make you look twice


The photographer observes perfect coincidences in the surrounding world and makes extremely entertaining pictures














Timed photos must be viewed at least twice, Photographer Denis Cherim captures moments that are as if taken from reality. Needs a mindful eye, patience, perfect viewing angle, or a perfectly timed shot. And Denis doing it! Playing with perspective, concentrating on details, but sometimes it’s just luck. Here are some of his new photos, each of which is truly unique.

Source: Thisiscolossal / Boredpanda / Hankermag / © Denis Cherim: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter


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