Nature House | A Unique Dwelling House Under The Dome In Norway

Life beyond the Arctic Circle is by no means easy, but this does not mean that in a severe North is impossible to live in comfort life. Meet: “Nature House”, owned by Benjamin and Ingrid Hjertefølger and their four children. Located on the island of Sandhornøya in northern Norway, the dwelling house was designed in such a way as to provide a family of six with a comfortable existence, despite the difficult climatic conditions – a married couple even grows most of the food consumed.

Nature House | A unique dwelling house under the dome in Norway

“Nature House″ A Unique Dwelling House Under The Dome In Norway

The Nature House is nestled on the remote Sandhornoya island in Norway, which was built on its own, has three floors, which accommodate 5 bedrooms, several bathrooms, a living room, a large dining room and an open terrace on the top floor. But the main highlight of this residential facility was a geodesic dome that retains heat and protects the space from the strong winds and snowfalls characteristic of this region.

The owner of the house says that the unique design allows them to grow food for five months longer than on the street. In its indoor garden, the family grows apples, cherries, plums, apricots, kiwi, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens and melons.


Growing your own food is just the beginning of a sustainable life in Nature House. Hiertefelgiers use wastewater to fertilize the plants they grow. In addition, the family compostes food waste and uses clean biodegradable household goods. The dome also offers unobstructed views of the northern lights and allows you to live in harmony with nature.

“The feeling that we feel when we go into our house is something quite different from the feeling when we are in any other home. The atmosphere is unique. There is peace in the house; I can almost hear the silence. It’s very difficult to explain. “


Extraordinary Dome House Design Offers Green Living and Low Cost to Run


Norway’s Nature House Is A Stunning Cob Dwelling Nestled Inside A Geodesic Dome


Arctic with a cob house inside a solar geodesic dome


A Stunning Cob Dwelling Nestled Inside A Geodesic Dome


Nature House, The Dome House In Norway



The Arctic Circle by Building Cob House in a Solar Geodesic Dome


Cob House Surrounded by Geodesic Dome in the Arctic circle




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