Can you straighten the pig’s tail? — Video

In recent years, pigs have become the most popular farm animals on farms around the world.  Today we show you one amazing video, the main character of which is a pig.

If you do not like pigs, we do not blame you for it. They became famous as one of the dirtiest animals. Many farmers will argue with this, but the point is not this!

Can you straighten the pig's tail?

  • How to straighten a pigs tail!

  • Can you straighten the pig’s tail?

Pigs have some unique characteristics. They have a large flat snout and a curly tail. Tear of the tail! Do you think that he is always so curly? Nothing like this!

Video, which lasts about a minute, you will witness a unique spectacle. The farmer, approaching his pig while she was eating, showed one cool trick that turned out not only funny, but also cognitive!

What did he do? With the help of the index finger, which he called ” magical ”, the farmer stroked the pig’s back and the tail straightened!

At the 40th second, the video of the farmer says: ” Wait, he’ll wrap himself up again! ”

It is at this point that the tail of the pig rises and twists! Be sure to watch this video!

Have you ever seen something like this? Write your opinion in the comments, and do not forget to share the article with your friends!



 (Video – Nick .kendall )

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