Maze-Like Wetland in East China

Exceptional aerial photographs highlight an impressive wetland in China, with rare plant and bird species, which looks like a labyrinth or maze from above.

The park in located Zhenjiang, East China Jiangsu Province, The wetland covers an area of ​​24.2 square kilometers drawn from the natural water system and was created on 6,000-year-old sediments of the Yangtze River with ninety eighteen bend, round after round of traps, bending is a mystery. The watercourse is a group of herbs.

Maze-Like Wetland in East China

Aerial photography of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Zhenjiang wetland, the maze suction eye and it was opened in 2016 for public with the aim of developing the region’s tourism and protecting the environment through better-managed management.


Wetland resembles massive maze in east China



Zhenjiang Wetlands as a labyrinth, visitors can get picking, fishing, and enjoying the natural wild.

Source :  CGTN

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