This is one of the most impressive tidal waves in the world

It is on a river in China, where thousands of people are rushing to watch the natural attraction.

Qiantang River Tidal Bore in Different Forms Attracts Spectators in east China

The tide of the Qiantang River is the best example in the world to see a great wave, which can reach 9 to 12 meters in height and develop speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour. A phenomenon, dating at least 3,000 years.

To display the tidal wave, the “mouth” of a river needs to be shallow and funnel-like. Also, the river must have extreme changes in water levels between high and low tides.

The Gulf of Hangzhou, where the Tsiadang River is emptying, makes its tide separate. The bay looks like a huge triangle. Although it measures more than 96 kilometers in different parts, the gap narrows to less than 20 kilometers when meeting Chiangkang. The result is a very tight pipe to flow the water, creating the hourglass appearance shown in the video.


Source | Mother Nature Network

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