Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant in Norway

The restaurant in Norway will be part of a wider cultural and research area. It is designed by Snøhetta , for the southern tip of the Norwegian coastline, in the village of Båly.

The restaurant will also function as a marine life research center, and will offer a unique experience for dinner under water that will create a sense of awe and enjoyment.

Europe's First Underwater Restaurant in Norway

Its structure will be half-submerged in the sea, five meters below the surface of the water. The design does not predict the creation of an aquarium but seeks to make the building part of the marine environment and coast.

Cement walls will be one meter thick to withstand sea pressure even in difficult weather conditions.

Sections of the restaurant will also be dedicated to a marine biology research center hosting multidisciplinary research teams that will do their studies there.


At the same time, the shape of the building is encased in a concrete shell with a thick surface that is like inviting mussels to adhere.

This means that over time the submerged monolithic will become an artificial mussel reef and naturally attract more marine life to its clear waters.

Illumination from the inside of the restaurant and its placement on the seabed will contribute to the shaping of wildlife that thrives on the coast, outside the 11 x 4 meter panoramic acrylic window.


Guests will enjoy high quality seafood menus from the region’s fish such as cod, lobster and mussels.

The descent to the restaurant is through three floors. The entrance is on the coast and the building looks like the sea swallows it.

There is a champagne bar, which marks the transition from the coastline to the ocean, and the bottom line is the underwater restaurant.



Source: Designboom / / / Archdaily

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