The catacombs of wine! Bodegas of Aranda de Duero, Spain

A city with hundreds of underground interconnected wineries in caves! The small town of Spain, Aranda de Duero , is famous for its unique characteristic. Its dozens of cellars, built in caves centuries ago.

Bodegas of Aranda de Duero, Spain

It is a network of interconnected wineries in caves or bodegas, which is hidden beneath the city center.

This provincial city, about 150 km from Madrid, is considered to be the capital of the Ribero del Duero wine region, and is also known for its lamb dishes.

Underground cellars have been used since the Middle Ages, and there are now 135, as many have collapsed or are no longer used for wine production.

The cave network of eight kilometers long and has a depth of seven to 10 meters. Most of the cellars are connected to each other and are separated only by wooden doors.

Many of these cave wineries offer guided tours and tastings, and obviously everyone will try to sell their wine.

At the same time, over the cellar there is a tavern that promotes this wine, accompanied by lazy appetizers.

Cellars have been characterized by the Spanish government as a cultural asset of the country.












Source – TerranostrumAtlas Obscura

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