Knabstrupper | The “Spitting” Horse

This beautiful horse, referring to Dalmatian dogs, is called Knabstrupper and was created in the early 1800s in Denmark.

The unusual variety of its coloring was created accidentally, by crossing a brown mare with small “splashes” like a leopard, and a monochrome stallion.

Knabstrupper | The Spitting Horse

This breed reaches a height of 1.57 to 1.63 meters, but there is also a pony with a height of around 1.45.

The patterns on their skin range from stable to leopard. The stained pattern patterns common to Knabstrupper appear in other breeds, such as the Appaloosa horse, although the two breeds developed independently from each other.


The horses of this breed were once very popular, but later they were crossed with other horses and there is no certainty of the breed’s purity.

In 1971, the farms that feed them brought Appaloosa stallions to Denmark to add new blood to the Knabstrupper breed.


Knabstruppers are generally used for horse riding, even as circus horses, as they learn quickly, are obedient and capable.

Knabstruppers are very common and are currently bred in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand.








Source: Horse & Man and Wikipedia

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