SubTropolis | The World’s Largest underground Warehouse

More than 1,600 people work in the vast facilities of an incredible warehouse, located in the labyrinthine galleries of an old limestone mine, under Kansas City, Missouri, United States.

SubTropolis is dug into the Bethany Falls limestone mine, a composition between the words underground and metropolis- stretches over an area of ​​5,100,000 square meters, at a depth of 50 meters from the surface of the earth.

SubTropolis | The World's Largest underground Warehouse

SubTropolis The World’s Largest underground business complex

The cave with its hundreds of tunnels includes almost 15 km of illuminated paved roads, for small trucks and even trucks, as well as many kilometers of railroads.

At present, 460,000 square meters are in use and another 13,000 square meters are added each year, as mining continues. The mine maintains natural temperatures between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius throughout the year. This item, along with huge spaces, has led all kinds of businesses to store their materials.

There are food, books and movies in Hollywood, and a recreational park for those who visit the site.







Source – Wikipedia and Great Big Story

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