Black Sapote, The Fruit that Tastes like Chocolate

The Chocolate Pudding is called Black Sapote and is a delicious fruit native to eastern Mexico and Central America. It is much knows for chocolate pudding that people refer  as “the chocolate pudding fruit” , not only does it taste very much like chocolate, but it also has the same consistency.

The Black Sapote is a tropical fruit that slowly begins to become famous in Central America. Fame precedes it, its properties begin to be spread through the network, although it is still very difficult to find it in the local markets.

The black sapote, Chocolate Pudding Fruit

Photo: Small Town Chuttney

The mature Black Sapote (Diospyros nigra) has a green berry shape and brown pulp, it originates in Mexico and Colombia, although it is also cultivated in Australia, the Philippines or Florida. The Mayas called taúch, and now it begins to be known as chocolate pudding fruit.


Photo: Critical Miami

Thus begins to gain popularity in the kitchen introducing itself in all kinds of sweet recipes, jams and desserts. But if you are still not convinced to try it, it should be noted that it is an important source of vitamins.

Black Sapote contains four times more vitamin A and C than an orange and few calories, so its potential medicinal use is being studied. It is attributed numerous properties and is traditionally used as a remedy against insomnia, to treat respiratory or skin problems, to strengthen the eyesight and as energizing or natural laxative.


Photo: Yonathan Galler

In the tropics, black sapote trees can reach up to 8 meters in height, while the domestic trees reach a maximum of 4. Here we leave you a California-based Etsy seller who sells Black Sapote seeds. If you know a local supplier of exotic fruits , be sure to ask about exotic chocolate-flavored fruit.

When it is ripe, the Black Sapote is used as a chocolate substitute in recipes and shakes, or simply accompanied by yogurt or lemon juice . For example, in Mexico it is very typical to crush the pulp with orange juice or brandy and serve with cream.


Photo: Polynesian Produce Stand



When ripe, Black Sapote is delicious eaten fresh or as a chocolate substitute in recipes and smoothies or simply mixed with yogurt and lemon juice. In Mexico the pulp is crushed with orange juice or brandy and served with cream.

The delicious fruit, with a sticky texture, is a close relative of the lotus and looks like a tomato on the outside. Its skin is thin and bright green, but when it is cut in the middle, it reveals its rich dark brown flesh.





An irresistible dessert, looking sinful but low in calories.



Source – Lavozdelmuro Wikipedia

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