Talented Photographer Achmad Zulkarnain’s, born without hands and feet

If you have looked at the photos of Achmad Zulkarnain’s before you look at him, you would never guessed that he is turning the camera on with his mouth. The 24 – year – old boy was born without hands and legs, whose spirit is passionate and resourceful.

Indonesian photographer Achmad Zulkarnain’s, born without hands and feet

Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_

Zulkarnain has no fingers, but he has perfected it with the help of his face, mouth and part of the curves to work out the camera. Most often in front of his lens pose models that are dressed in traditional clothes. She also says she likes to photograph a picturesque nature. Then, he shifts the photos to his lap top and elaborates them using his imagination.


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_

Bang Dzoel the nick name of Ahmad Zulkarnaian. He lives energetically beyond his physical limitations. Well, for those of you who still often complain about many things, try to see the twists and turns of this Bang Dzoel life.


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_

To turn the camera on and off, it does with the help of the lips. He then put the camera to face while using it because he has no fingers. Then with extra energy, his arm pressed shutter .


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_

For ordinary people, holding the DSLR camera is quite heavy, especially for Bang Dzoel. Thanks to his passion for the world of photography, he did not regard it as a major obstacle. He also never slipped and fell when trying to photograph the waterfall. The reflex, which he checks first is the camera, not the wounds.


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_

While traveling, Bang Dzoel used to ride some sort of go-kart with his family and friends. Ordinary vehicles are quite unfriendly to the physical condition of Bang Dzoel. Therefore, he needs a special vehicle.


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_

After many hours of flying, slowly people began to recognize his abilities and now he is also known as a pro photographer. In addition to photographing, Bang Dzoel also several times to give lessons about photography for others.


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_

Learn from Bang Dzoel, nor should you give up on achieving goals. Physical shortage, lack of capital, lack of tools, lack of materials, and other shortcomings will be overcome if you have a strong determination.


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_


Photos @ Instagram/bangdzoel_

Source - Trivia.id


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