Wives of the Arab Sheikhs | How do they look and what are they doing?

Hearing the mention of the wives of the Arab sheiks, we immediately imagine the hermits wrapped in a veil, the sole purpose of which is the birth of heirs. However, the world does not stand still, today these eastern women increasingly manifest themselves in the role of public figures, lead a secular and active lifestyle, and also they have a striking appearance!

Wives of the Arab sheiks: how do they look and what are they doing?

Sheikh Haya Bint Hussein Al Maktoum

02 Sheikh Haya Bint Hussein Al Maktoum

This amazing girl is the second wife of Shaykh Mohamad Al Maktoum, the current emir of Dubai. In her veins, royal blood flows: Sheikhi Khai’s father is the ruler of Jordan. The woman studied in Oxford and met the future husband at the royal reception.

Sheikh fulfilled her duty, giving her husband two children, but she did not want to throw herself into motherhood. Now she is engaged in work on a voluntary basis and oversees charitable projects.

Also, a woman loves horse racing and adores horses. It can be seen at many social events. And recognize her as one of the most charming representatives of the fair sex of the Middle East.

Queen of Saudi Arabia Fatima Zohar

03 Queen of Saudi Arabia Fatima Kulsoh Zohar

About the life of this woman is not known much: the girl was born in an ordinary family, studied at the College of Dubai and trained for a lawyer at the University of King Saud in Riyadh.
And to this day it is not known how the simpleton managed to charm the king and become his wife. Moreover, Fatima became the only one of the 30 wives of the king, who was privileged to stay in his chambers. About the girl had little to know until she opened an account in the social network Facebook, which she leads in English.

Sheikh Moza Bint Nasser Al-Misned

04 Sheikh Moza Bint Nasser Al-Misned

Wife of the former Emir of Qatar named Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Tan, as well as the mother of the current ruler. The woman is engaged in charity, actively participates in political activities, is the ambassador of the organization of UNESCO, works both on internal, and on the international political arena. Moza even has the title of lady-commander of the Order of the British Empire.

In addition, it is very popular in the fashion world. Despite the fact that Moza gave birth to seven children, she manages to keep herself toned. Also, many recognize that a woman has great taste and a great sense of style.

Queen of Jordan Rania Al-Abdullah

05 Queen of Jordan Rania Al-Abdullah

The wife of the ruler of Jordan, Abdullah ibn Al-Hussein Al-Hashimi and the heir son of Prince Hussein’s throne, the eldest of the four children of the couple, Rania is the most famous Eastern ruler in the world.

She actively fights for the rights of the fair sex, and also often opens various organizations, not listening to the opinion of the spouse or her father. It is noteworthy that Rania is a colonel of the Jordanian army. Such a high military rank it appropriated her husband.

Amira al-Tawil, Princess of Saudi Arabia

06 Amira al-Tawil, Princess of Saudi Arabia

In the emirate it is called the destroyer of the principles and stereotypes of traditional society, but it does not bother the person of royal blood.

Even before she played the wedding with the prince, Amira graduated from New Haven University, which is located in the United States of America. The princess has a degree in business administration. In addition, she is the owner of international driving licenses, which allows her to drive her own car. Such behavior in Saudi Arabia is considered bold, to put it mildly.

In addition, she is one of the few eastern women of the emirate, who divorced her husband after several years of marriage. The princess herself notes that the theme of the birth of children was a stumbling block. Her husband really wanted to have a baby, but she did not see herself in the role of mother at the time.

Despite the divorce, the ex-spouses remained in fairly good relations, they often meet, since they are engaged in charity work together.

Source – Shok-inform

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