Anastasiya Sidorova struggling with baldness, to the owner of a luxurious head of hair

Surprisingly, the history of the native Rapunzel began far from fabulous and known for its rich and thick head of hair called Anastasia Sidorova, she faced the problem of hair loss, five years ago.

Anastasiya Sidorova struggling with baldness, to the owner of a luxurious head of hair

Photo @ sidorovaanastasiya

The history of Moscow’s Rapunzel, 23 year old Anastasiya Sidorova struggling with baldness until the age of 18.  It is impossible to imagine that the gorgeous hair of a girl, whose length at the moment is 106 centimeters, could once fall out almost whole strands.

It turned out that at that time the girl started a strong inflammatory process, against which there was a problem with the hair. Anastasia hairs was very unattractive and weak because her hair was scattered all over the house.


Photo @ sidorovaanastasiya

Her hair was completely ceased to grow. Desperate, the girl thoroughly studied the issue of hair care and, finally, found the secret of their health. Anastasia completely recovered and now is engaged in supporting people with similar problems.


Photo @ sidorovaanastasiya

Anastasiya also worked as a model, appearing in adverts for haircare company Pantene in Russian magazines. The model provided a few small secrets that help her look stunning. First of all, the girl washes her head no more than three times a week. She also stopped using the hair dryer, since high temperatures harm her hair.

“Of course, the head in this case dries much longer, almost three hours. But the health is worth it, “- says the model.


Photo @ sidorovaanastasiya

The girl notes that in the autumn, many people should pay special attention to the health of the hair.


Photo @ sidorovaanastasiya

It is also never too late to start eating properly and not forget about vitamins. This promotes rapid hair growth. She recommends including in her diet more vitamins A, B and C.


Photo @ sidorovaanastasiya

In winter, according to the girl, her hair becomes dry and brittle. Therefore, they should be moistened with nourishing masks and sprays.


Photo @ sidorovaanastasiya

Today, the beauty shares her methods of hair care in social networks. And it is proof that health is work. In this case, do not be lazy when it comes to the beauty of hair.


Photo @ sidorovaanastasiya

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