What Will Happen To The World If A Hydrogen Bomb Explodes In The Pacific?

Since President Trump has taken his place, he has come up with a world-wide conflict that seems to hang on our heads like a Damocles sword: between him and Kim Jong Un the offenses (at times even vaguely ridiculous) are not certain wasted, and the whole world is in suspense, hoping the situation will not fall.

What Will Happen To The World If A Hydrogen Bomb Explodes In The Pacific?

image: United States Department of Defense / Wikipedia

The North Korean regime has often threatened to carry out a nuclear test by launching a hydrogen bomb in the middle of the Pacific Ocean , after about 40 years after the last atomic nuclear test carried out in China in 1980.

What would be the consequences if the threat became reality?

The primary effect would obviously be related to detonation. According to the North Korean media, their bomb would be 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that ripped to Hiroshima. For a comparison term, just remember that the so-called “Mike Test,” H bomb test H exploded from the US on the island of Elugelab in the Pacific in 1952, released a power 800 times higher than Hiroshima and a heat wave of a radius of 56 km .


image: Ritiks / Wikimedia

The immediate result of the explosion would therefore be to erase every trace of life within the range of hundreds of miles. Animals and plants, if they could survive, should deal with DNA mutations that would go on for decades; eggs, larvae and small fish would get contaminated, ending to affect the entire food chain to the bigger species.

They could also open up permanent craters , such as those left by the USA in the Bikini Tent with the “Shrimp” bomb (1954) wide 1.6 km (see next photo); on that occasion 200 billion tonnes of coral reefs were destroyed and the entire Marshall Islands were contaminated (yet).

Damage to aquifers and fauna would sink to those created by radioactive clouds , which could travel for miles and miles to reach various parts of the planet.


image: Wikipedia

Does it look like an apocalyptic scenario? Well it is not the worst that can happen!

All we have just described is in fact a controlled and successful explosion : in case of accidents, that is, if the bomb exploded uncontrollably for calculation errors, the effects could be even more devastating and unpredictable.

In short, by setting aside tweets and political satire, when talking about hydrogen bombs, there is little to laugh at.


image: USAAF / Wikipedia

Source – Businessinsider.in, Edition.cnn.com, Theatlantic.com

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