The Old World Language Families | This Tree That Shows Connection Between Languages ​​Will Change Your Vision Of The World

Linguistic geography is a very fascinating subject, because, studying the connections between the various languages, it helps us to connect the roots of different populations in the world and often offers us an unexpected view of reality.

If, as in this case, a talented illustrator has been concerned about translating the names and the percentages into a beautiful explanatory info-graphic, the picture looks more than ever fascinating!

Below you can see the creation of Minna Sundberg, the illustrator who studied the Ethnologue project data to turn them into a world map of the world.

The map tree are designed in proportion to the speakers: the bigger the hair is, the more people speak that language as the mother tongue.

All major European languages ​​and most of Eastern ones can be divided into two logos: Indo-European and Uralic (bottom right).

The Old World Language Families

European languages ​​are divided into many branches, but the main ones are slaves, romance (italics) and Germanic. Notice in detail the complexity of the branch of Slavic languages.


The map also define the Germanic origin of the English language.


Surprisingly, unlike other Scandinavian countries, Finland’s language is part of the Uralic family.


The map clearly emerges the gigantic variety of languages ​​that only emerged from the Indo-Iranian branch of Indo-European languages.


Obviously the map is not exhaustive of the world’s linguistic heritage: many minor languages ​​have not exceeded the basic threshold of the number of speakers in order to be represented in the chart.

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