The Lost City of Alexander the Great Discovered in Iraq

A team of archaeologists from the British Museum could finally set foot and begin digging into one of the many places of interest in the Middle East that have remained unexplored due to the difficult political situation.

In the north of today’s Iraq, it was discovered the site that hosted the ancient and thriving city of Qalatga Darband , a Greek outpost founded in 331 BC, of ​​which the traces were missing.

The Lost City of Alexander the Great Discovered in Iraq

image: British Museum

Already in 1996, scholars had speculated on the presence of human resources by analyzing satellite imagery, but the presence of Saddam Hussein’s (formerly) and ISIS (after) regime had prevented any approach. Today, the situation has improved, including the 3 million pound appropriation to recover the Iraqi archaeological heritage.

Before digging, archaeologists have availed themselves of the help of a new investigation technique involving drones. It has been noted that grain grown on human fields does not grow homogeneously and has unusual coloration; From the site’s vegetation analysis, a huge rectangular building was buried under the ground, which led to the discovery of the entire city.

Discovery in Iraq The Lost City of Alexander the Great02

image: Matt Swift [@twitter]

The old field stood on the banks of a lake, and like all the outposts it was provided with fortifications and walls . The excavations made it possible to delineate the details, bringing light to shops, houses and temples. Particularly flourishing and of high quality had to be the cultivation of vineyards, as there are traces of the excellent reputation of local wine and evidence of grape processing has come to light.

Discovery in Iraq The Lost City of Alexander the Great03

Source: British Museum

Certainly Qalatga Darband occupied a strategic position as it connected Iraq and Iran and enjoyed a thriving economic activity. Certainly the town was assiduously attended by Alexander the Great and his army, who stopped to stay and refresh themselves during long journeys to and from the battlefield.

Discovery in Iraq The Lost City of Alexander the Great04

Source : British Museum

After years of uncertainty and wars, finally the old buildings have seen the light. For our part, we hope that one day they can tell their stories to tourists and travelers as well; and above all we hope that by going to the area, that of Alexander the Great is the only army to hear about.

Discovery in Iraq The Lost City of Alexander the Great05

Source: Wikipedia Commons

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