German Model Mara Inkperial Body Covered with Tattoos

The 29-year-old German model and artist Mara Inkperial is a walking work of art. The whole body of Mara is covered with various tattoos. The first time the girl was hammered in age of 17 years, it was a small bird on her hand. Since then, every year a variety of drawings are increasingly covering her body. Now Mara is a co-owner of the tattoo parlor in Karlshusde, as well as a popular model for profile magazines.

German Model Mara Covered with Tattoos

Mara stuffed tattoos all over her body: legs, hands, chest, back, belly and even one of them on her face. Despite the huge amount, the tattoo on the girl looks harmonious. And although now it may seem that there is nowhere else to go, the girl still finds a place for new tattoos. Dont forget to see Mara Inkperial pics on Instagram.












Source – Instagram

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