Incredible Pictures of Mother and Daughter

Anyone who has experienced it may agree. It is a pleasant experience, but raising one or more children is also physically exhausting. Suddenly awake at night, no matter what time, endless bottleneck and, generally, worry that you are responsible for another living being. It is logical to see some wrinkles on the face of mom and dad.

However, there are some parents who seem to be immune to this natural process. It even happens that some mothers get confused with their own daughters while they care twice for years. Here are some lucky birds.

1. Actress Reese Witherspoon (41) and her daughter Ava Philippe (17)

Incredible Pictures of Mother and Daughter

photo: reesewitherspoon

2. The mother is left (43 years old)


Photo: Kaayyllaan

3. Mommy has her hair in a knot …



4. Mommy is 41 years old … which of the two is it?


photo: shanieceh

5. Shweta Nanda Bachchan (left, 43) with daughter Navya Naveli Nanda



6. Lure Hsu right, 41) and Sharon (left, 36) and in the middle mom 63 years old


Photo: Lure Hsu

7. A 51-year-old mother and her daughter … gorgeous!


Photo: Polinamax

8. They are always like for sisters (or twins) …


photo: Jessie Lounsbury

9. Mother and her daughter of 15 years old


picture: PleasantonWeekly

10. Often this mother is taken to the streets by the friends of her daughter and they thinks that she their friend …


photo: Julia Bitencourt

11. Her daughter is dressed for the end of the year. You can only recognize her because she wears the classic blue dress!


picture: simplykristinmd

12. In this case, you can not really distinguish them.


photo: maya_ilana

13. Everybody thinks they are sisters


photo: lisatnt307

14. A mother and her twins.


Photo: Brooklynandbailey

15. What do they look like!


Photo: Emilyrosejaeger

16. Who is mommy and who is the sister?


Photo:  regina.awang

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