9 Mathematical Cheats That Are Not taught in School

Mathematics is a problem for many, but all because they find it incomprehensible. To make this subject more understandable, it can be regarded as a foreign language that you need to learn. In this case, the figures can be compared with words. There are also some tricks with which mathematics becomes curious and mysterious. We offer 9 mathematical tricks that you will not find in the school curriculum.

Be sure to teach them children! Multiplication of numbers consisting of ones on themselves

9 Mathematical Cheats That Are Not taught in School

Add the next digit, multiply and add the next digit


Any number is easily multiplied by 11


And so on 11 the number is multiplied if there are more than two digits in it


An interesting regularity when multiplied by 9


Multiply by 9 in 2 seconds!


Turn complex multiplication into simplest examples and get the same answer!


So are the fractions


Complex multiplication has never been so simple


Photos on the main: maxpixel.freegreatpicture (www. creativecommons. org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/deed.en)


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