Souvenirs remind us of places we have visited

Souvenirs remind us of places we have visited. Many bring magnets or postcards. The media decided to help travelers and advised the most significant things that you can give to yourself or your family.

From Italian Florence, you can bring a piece of leather : a bag, a laptop case, a strap. It is best to look for souvenirs in the market of San Lorenzo.

Souvenirs remind us of places we have visited

Edition of The Independent recommends to bring from Germany, known for lush beer festivals liter mug, which is called “the masses”.


© gvictoria /

Returning from the Netherlands, buy souvenirs from ceramics. They are sold in any souvenir shop – from magnets, key rings and mouthpieces to mugs, tea sets and decorative figurines.


© JPstock /

The best that Austria can remember is Mozartkugeli, round candy with marzipan filling with nougat and pistachio flavor. This is the most famous confectionery in Austria, which first appeared in Salzburg in 1890 thanks to Paul Fuerst, who decided to name his sweet creation in honor of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


© Steiner Wolfgang /

From Poland, carry “gold of the Baltic” – amber. The shops in the port city of Gdansk are simply replete with products made of amber.

About warm and affectionate Portugal you will be reminded of port. Spend the day for a trip to the magical valley of Douro, taste different varieties – and you will find a bottle that you want to take with you.

Romania : Wooden spoon


Once used for more practical purposes, The carved Romanian wooden spoons are decorative item different designed from animals or religious symbols.

Spain : Handheld fan


Mostly spainish women using colorful, handheld fans. The intricate hand painted paterns is always attract to use.

Sweden : Dala horses


Dala Horses are named fro the region 19th century Dalarna of Central Sweden.  Dala Horses considered the unofficial symbol of country, the colorful and bright painted horses are popular as souvenirs. More on

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