The Louvre Abu Dhabi is approaching its grand opening

A new conversation on humanity, and the similarities that connect us all. Its incredible buildings have become known to the whole world: the Ferrari Park, glass skyscrapers, palaces, huge gardens, etc. This city is amazing in its scope. Millions of tourists visit this wonderful city of the desert every year. Hotels in Abu Dhabi are real palaces with marble and gilding. Coming here, you seem to fall into a wake in reality. Everyone who has ever visited this city wants to go back again and again. And it’s not surprising. After all, Abu Dhabi offers more and more new facilities. Among such and incredible museum of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is approaching its grand opening

Louvre Abu Dhabi – a piece of France in the desert
10 years of planning and construction flew by unnoticed, and very soon, on November 11, 2017, in Abu Dhabi will open its own Louvre. This unusual project will connect Eastern and Western art and become another local attraction. Of course, the design of the Louvre was done by none other than the French architect Jean Nouvel. Who else could convey the spirit of France, if not a true Frenchman.


“Arab Louvre” is a complex of 55 separate buildings, 23 of which are occupied by galleries. The design itself was inspired by the traditional architecture of the Emirates, and the central element of this ambitious project is a huge dome, which, apparently, floats over the entire museum. This project is a complex geometric structure of 7850 “stars”, repeated at different sizes and angles in eight different layers.


Such a design will create an excellent effect when rays of the scorching sun pass through it; Light will be filtered through perforations and create an effect called “rain of light”. A huge dome is supported by four berths, which are located at a distance of 110 meters from each other. At night, the dome is even more beautiful than in the daytime: thousands of stars dot its surface, and can be seen both inside and outside. The Louvre of Abu Dhabi is located on the island of Saadiyat.

Its complex will include galleries and exhibitions, a children’s museum, a beautiful hall and a restaurant. All this will create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for its visitors. To see everything that is in the Louvre, you need to be patient, because there are a lot of interesting exhibits.


Interesting fact: before becoming a museum in 1793, the Louvre was built as a military fortress in the 13th century, also in the 16th century for a while the Louvre was a royal palace.


Source – Arabianbusiness, Designboom, Robbreport

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