Crown Shyness, The Phenomenon of Trees Avoid Touching each other

Crown Shyness, The Phenomenon of Trees Avoid Touching each other. This phenomenon is called in English crown shyness or canopy disengagement. I have not been able to find a Dutch name for this, so I’m self-explanatory as a “shy tree trunk”. What the exact cause of this striking behavior of this, but scientists have been busy for a long time.

Crown Shyness, The particular phenomenon of shy trees

In some woods, when you look up, look something special: the trees of the trees are full, but they do not touch each other. This creates a striking pattern of tears in the green.

The fact that crown shyness occurs mainly between trees of the same species reinforces the presumption that the trees do this to protect each other. There are several theories about how this would work. For example, the border between the trees would ensure that no harmful insects could jump. There is also a suspicion that it has something to do with branches that can not abrasive with hard winds. Or that are the openings to allow sunlight to pass.

What the exact reason is, may never be clear. How do you do good scientific research on such a thing? The shy tree tops show at least how beautiful nature is. (h/t : ThisColossal, BoredPanda) Source



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