The British designer has developed clothes that grows with the child

Inspired by origami, 24-year-old British designer Ryan Yasin has developed clothes for children that will “grow” with them.

The British designer has developed clothes that grows with the child

The development of clothes Yasin engaged after seeing that his nephews grew up too quickly from the suits that he gave them. Based on the principles of aeronautical engineering, which he studied in college, the designer created a pleated fabric. It can stretch in length and width as a child grows up.

Such things are designed for children from three months to three years. The developed fabric is waterproof, has increased strength, it can be machine-washed and recycled, writes The Guardian.


According to research, most children grow up to seven sizes in the first two years of life, and parents in the UK spend an average of £ 2,000 on clothing before their child reaches the age of three. Yasin hopes that his development will help parents save money, as well as reduce environmental pollution by reducing the cost of manufacturing children’s clothing.


Source – The Guardian

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